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Farm Together Wasabi Free Download




The crop itself is locked until the wasabi harvester has been unlocked, making it impossible to grow without first purchasing the DLC. The Wasabi Pack DLC is available to purchase separately or as part of the Complete Pack DLC, at a cost of 60,000 coins. Contents The first wasabi crop harvested from a field at level 20 (with the Wasabi Pack DLC) can be crafted into a large batch of the ingredient. This can then be used to craft Sushi Bars, Sushi Baskets, Wasabi Cream, Wasabi Chutney, Wasabi Cream, Wasabi Dressing and Wasabi Sauce. The ingredient itself is crafted using wasabi paste from a seed grown at level 20, and the return on wasabi can also be used to craft the ingredient. During summer months, the fauna from the nearby wildlife crossings will be attracted to the crop, and will stop at the farmer's field to eat the crop if their hunger level has been met. Over the course of the growing season, the fauna will often grow to like the taste of the wasabi and will eat it when their hunger is satiated. Once the crop reaches peak production, it will begin to wilt and degrade. When the crop has reached its peak production, the farmer will receive a notification about how many wasabi crops he will receive each month. If the farmer fails to cultivate a new crop before a certain date, the growing season will end and will not generate new crops until the next season. If the farmer fails to harvest the crop before its peak production or before the wasabi harvest starts, the next season will start off with a lower yield. The player cannot cultivate other crops for longer than four hours, as they will decrease in quantity. They can be harvested for more than one hour without consuming the maximum quantity in the Harvesting quest. Harvesting wasabi is done by interacting with the wasabi field, using the left mouse button. The fields are located in the south-eastern part of the map, south of the village. At the end of the harvest cycle, the wasabi will turn into wasabi paste, which can be crafted into wasabi-based ingredients as seen above. The wasabi harvester can be purchased from either the farm's vendor, or by completing a secret menu quest. The first wasabi crop requires 5000 coins (with the Wasabi Pack DLC). Each subsequent wasabi crop




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Farm Together Wasabi Free Download
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